Birthday Party Flops

What to do when your son’s birthday party turns out to be a total flop:

Here’s what happened…and further on is what cheered me up.  I had been planning the bells and whistles for my sons birthday.  I’m the outdoorsy type so I planned a party in the park, not just any park, the park of ALL PARKS in town.  This park is great for the kids to play man-hunt.  Get to the park, there’s no close parking spaces, so I decide to go to a close-not-so-close parking garage nearby.  With the help of the kids it takes two trips to the pavilion and back to lug all the stuff for the party.

I bought my son a good-sized birthday cake so I wouldn’t have to skimp on the servings.  A few close friends call my son “Spiffy”, so as an inside joke I decided to surprise him with a cake that read “Happy Birthday Spiffy”.  We are there for no more than 5 minutes and it starts raining.  Life can be ironic.  It couldn’t have *bleeping* rained BEFORE we had to lug everything to the pavilion??!!  Course not!  Up until that day the weather had been on our side, I do recall a slight sun shower two days prior but nothing compared to the monsoon that we were hit with.  It felt as if though we had just paid a high rent for an apartment with a leaky roof.  Everyone was trying to find a ‘good spot’ to stand so that they wouldn’t get soaked.

We tried our best to be optimistic and hoped that the rain would let up.  To kill the time, my niece and I decided to torture my brother blasting Justin Bieber’s new song, ‘Despacito’– we like it, it goes without saying, he doesn’t.  The water on the ground was all around us and it felt like we were stuck on an island.  In the end we decided to move our party to a pizza place close by.  When we got to Il Primo’s, I was upset to find that the cake got messed up on top, the words were no longer legible.  The icing on the top(pun intended), is sadly we never got a picture of the cake!  My son was a bit upset about it too so to cheer him up I asked the worker at Il Primo’s to say “Spiffy, your cheese pizza is ready” without my son knowing I did that.  All in all, the party was nice, not what we anticipated but we spent the day with family and friends willing to hang in there with us, while it was down pouring outside.

Onto part two of my story, everything I just mentioned above, I was venting to my cousin via messenger and she had a GREAT idea.  She suggested that I should make him a small cake with the words “Happy Birthday Spiffy!” on the cake and place those little margarita umbrellas on top to counteract the disappointment of what happened to the first cake–that way the whole adventure will be a funny memory.  Well, turns out I wasn’t the only one having a string of bad luck.  After tending to my complaint, my cousin went on to tell me that her car had stalled in front of a warehouse and to top it off, her key got locked inside!  The luck runs in the family.  So, her car was blocking an entrance to a warehouse and she was getting some nasty looks from truckers that you know, kinda needed to work but her car was in the way.  The ordeal was making her late for work so stress levels were escalating.  She had to call a locksmith and they gave her a bait price.  They arrived to help my cousin, the damsel in distress, but somehow the fee tripled.  The locksmith told her that he would have to charge her for making him come out and that if she called another locksmith they would charge the same!  This guys good, sly…but good!  So at this point my cousin is extremely late to work and had to cough up $120 to the jackass(I mean locksmith), and so I offer her some words of advice:

You should make a small cake….put a small plastic toy truck on it, and put a key in it……”that way the whole adventure will be a funny memory”.

Love you cuz! 😉

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