So Long 2016 – It Was Not Nice Knowing You!

A late post.

So loooong 2016. It was so NOT nice knowing you. All the stories I’ve been told.  2016 you were so unkind to my friends, my family members, even strangers who shared their despairing stories with me. Can you relate? People are sad inside. Here’s to you that lost your father earlier in the year and now lack the Christmas spirit and energy to bring out the tree this year.   I’m sorry. Another shout out to those of you who found out you have cancer. Someone needs to come up with a parody of the ‘Thunder Song’ relating to 2016.

While I wasn’t hit that hard, let me tell you, it’s been rough. Two lovers, one year. Now single and I’d rather put a cattle branding iron to my eye. Quick thank you to those past lovers. I’ve been cheated on and apparently foolish enough to stick around.  I got the message, better to be alone than with bad company! And no, my love life isn’t everything that weighed me down in 2016. My long-waited anticipation of moving my kids to a three bedroom home has been postponed (a-g-a-i-n), and I think many of you can relate to this one– is it just me or is your dollar not stretching out as far as it used to?

Life has a way of punching us in the gut when we’re already down. Life can be difficult and at times merciless, but we don’t quit. It’s that small sliver of nice instants such as when we take the time to create memories is what keeps us going. The wind may have blown hard but we are all still fighting our own battles hard. Cheer with me for a remarkably better 2017!


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