Put down that coconut oil!

Am I insinuating that a product everyone tells us is good for you is not?  For the record this article’s focus is on how coconut oil can wreak havoc on your skin.  A few months ago I started breaking out and not the typical pimples I was used to (we’re talking good-sized cystic type acne)-something I never experienced before.  I try to pay attention to my body and what’s going on to it.  This ‘new acne’ was not normal for me.  One thing stuck out like a sore thumb, that was that I had recently started using coconut oil on my hair to attempt to soften my out of control hair.  I turned to the internet and was not surprised to find that coconut oil, although recommended by everyone and their mother for every inch of your body, head to toe, is a highly acne aggravating product.   You will find that coconut oil is listed as a 4 on a 0 (non-pore blocking) – 5 (pizza face) ranking on the comedogenicity scale.   Coconut oil is widely used these days and is very popular on YouTube.  Practically every YouTuber it seems, has posted a video of how coconut oil will work wonders for you.  Coconut oil is being used to soften our locks, whiten and brighter our teeth, and to reveal better skin.  As for me, it did not work out that way.  Coincidentally, when I did my research online I stumbled on a page that said that some individuals will experience a breakout on their jaw line–exactly where I broke out!  I understand that everyone is different and everyone’s body reacts differently.  Its interesting how we are all so unique and diverse, how we all have different likes and tastes, and how we each have our own list of pet peeves.

Coconut oil was definitely an aggravating agent to MY face.  Like we all know though, everyone is different.  If you are looking to incorporate coconut oil into your foods or topically on your hair or face, I would suggest doing a test area for a few days and seeing how your skin responds.

I won’t take up much more of your time but I figure while I am at it I might as well throw in there that consuming peanut butter can also cause break outs too.  Might as well throw them under the bus together.  As far as peanut butter, this is a hard realization for myself.  I love peanut butter but when I eat it I can also see a difference.  I encourage you to do your own research, speak to your dermatologist, and test it for yourself!

Another thing I might add is apparently since coconut oil is “THE THING” right now, good luck finding a product that does not contain some form of coconut oil!  If you find that your skin breaks out from coconut oil you may want to educate yourself on the different terms that are used for coconut oil.  It’s in everything!


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