Facebook Plea. Please Remove Thumbs Up Sticker in Messenger

I can’t possibly be the only one to experience difficulty with this feature.  I am referring to the thumbs up sticker that is located in Facebook’s Messenger app.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times this thing has worked against me.  I always tend to click on the stupid thing at the most inopportune time.  There’s always that one time that my close friend told me she thinks she caught an STD (ok I’m pulling a leg on that one)  but I can still remember using the thumbs up after my friend told me they’d been bedridden all weekend.  The thumbs up sticker does an excellent job at making me come across as the coldest bad bitch around.

In another instance, I had a guy friend who had been warming up to ask me out on a date, that I followed up with a thumbs up.  (translation:  …yeah…that’s nice, but still not nice enough to go out with you). THUMBS UP though!

It all just happens so fast too!  You hear the ding on your phone, you reach for your phone to look at your message, and next thing you know your giving a thumbs up to to your friend who was supposed to come out for girls night out but she can’t make it now because she hasn’t stopped vomiting.  THUMBS UP!  (translation perceived as: Good. Stay home!)

I’ve also been put in this situation.  Maybe I stand alone on this one.  I am oh-so guilty of clicking on my crushes message to see if they are currently online.  The problem with doing this, aside from being a stalker, is pushing that #@$%ing thumbs up button and now they know you’re a creep. (oh…..hey!)

After each mishap you feel obligated to explain (as if its never happened to any of them before).  They know just as well as you do but still you have to insist it was sent on accident.  You have to explain that you do care about your friends cat being put to sleep and place the blame on Facebook for making you out to be a cold-hearted bitch.  I mean you are a bitch–just not to that extent (slightly under).

As if though the thumbs up sticker wasn’t annoying enough you can make the thumbs up grow larger and rock from side to side, followed by an annoying popping sound. Come on Facebook, give us all one we could really use–not the thumb.  You can even keep the idea of this finger rocking back and forth and I’ll grow to love the popping sound at the end!  😉




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