Frankie and Johnny: Movie Review. A Must See.

I wish I would have seen this film years ago!  The movie Frankie and Johnny came out in the year 1991.  I can’t begin to tell you what a great movie it is!  The movie stars Michelle Pfeiffer (as Frankie) and Al Pacino (as Johnny).  You can’t help but fall in love with Al Pacino’s attempts at trying to win over Frankie.  Don’t presume the movie is all lovey dovey and mushy, there are some hilarious parts in the movie too.  The film is well scripted and the comedy in the film is clever.

Johnny is released from prison and finds work at the café where Frankie works as a waitress.  He can’t help but falling head over heels for her.  After all, it isn’t difficult to  fall in love with Michelle Pfeiffer.  In the movie she sports a very cute, flirty, and sexy blonde bob.  This movie is a perfect example that we all want something that we can’t have.  The plot of the story is Johnny trying to convince Frankie to be his partner.  There is a reason that Frankie initially doesn’t make any promises or take any leaps.  Through persistence and being IRRESISTABLE Johnny is able to get Frankie to open up to him about what is holding her back.

Another actor in the film is Nathan Lane, remember him from the movie The Birdcage?  That movie is also a gem!  Nathan Lane casts as Tim who is in a gay relationship and is Frankie’s roommate.  Nathan Lane is an asset to any film he stars in!

This is a great movie to watch with your partner, by yourself, or with the girls.  There is sex in the film so it is not for kids.  I highly recommend it and you will not be let down.  I watched the film about 2 weeks ago and I still have goose bumps from the part where Al Pacino is innocently flirting with Frankie, giving her soft kisses on her neck and lips.  You might find yourself oddly talking to your t.v. set telling Frankie she should give him a chance.

Keep your ears open and wait for the part about the triangles.  You have to hear it to appreciate it.  Not sure about everyone else but I personally recommend going to Amazon and renting the movie online.  The cost is currently $3.00 to $4.00 and is entertainment money well spent.  Go pop some popcorn!

Rent or Buy it now!




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