Cat Calling. Not Meow.

Has cat calling phased out?  Personally, I kinda miss it.  I might be missing something, aged poorly, or lost my touch.  I miss this decent recognition.  Who doesn’t appreciate a nice compliment?  I’ll even take a compliment that my butt looks nice in my favorite pair of jeans.  Apparently, this day and age many women don’t agree with me.  Shocking–I know.  I was conversing with a close friend of mine (my future husband-shhh..he doesn’t know it yet),  telling him how back in my hey-day cat calling was common.  Over the years, women have twisted the words of men and cat calling isn’t so common anymore.  Society has made men AFRAID of expressing themselves.  Good luck trying to fish for compliments now ladies!  I used to appreciate a whistle here and there.  Then again sometimes I think, well maybe it’s not society…perhaps it’s me?  Maybe I’ve grown to be a bit “Slothy” like the actor from the Goonies…”babyruth!”  No–I can’t be thaatt bad!?.

Have you seen the video “Hugh Mungus” on Youtube?   Go to YouTube and look it up.  So, in this video a woman is interviewing a man and when she asks for his name he responds “Hugh Mungus”.  This lady – literally- loses her shit.  She starts yelling at this guy and causing a commotion saying that the guy has just “sexually harassed” her.  I’m sorry ladies, in my book sexual harassment is a lot more than that.  He didn’t lay a finger on this woman.  Everyone is different not everyone can take a joke nor does everyone appreciate cat calling.  If she didn’t like the guys response she could have acted like an adult and told him that she doesn’t appreciate that kind of talk.  If he would have continued and made nasty comments or touched his pee-pee, then yes, THAT would be sexual harassment.  Poor guy, he was just being funny.  The lady caused a lot of commotion over nothing.  I loved the guys smug look after saying it.  I thought it was pretty funny.

Some women like to put on an act that they don’t like that kind of attention.  Come on ladies, you’re not fooling anyone parading around in shorts with your butt cheeks sticking out and your boobs pouring out your shirt.  It’s a trap and you are egging them on!  Not all of you but a lot of you do this:  you just wait for that compliment so you can bark back at a man just so you can walk away looking like a boss.

Going back to my friend, Hugh Mungus, I think it was wise for him to not go with the name Ben Dover.  Could you imagine?!  My verdict is the lady in the video is a total nutcase and is ‘sue-happy’.  I hope they arrested HER ass for disorderly conduct.

Men have adapted and steer clear of comments in fear of having their words twisted and being donned a “sicko” because they said your blue eyes were pretty.

Many moons ago when I received a compliment I’d look over my shoulder, give an innocent smile, say thank you, and walk away flattered.  I never had any man sexual harass me or hump my leg after giving me an innocent compliment.  I go my way, they go their way, and that was that!





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