Facebook Plea. Please Remove Thumbs Up Sticker in Messenger

I can't possibly be the only one to experience difficulty with this feature.  I am referring to the thumbs up sticker that is located in Facebook's Messenger app.  I can't begin to tell you how many times this thing has worked against me.  I always tend to click on the stupid thing at the most... Continue Reading →


Parenting Blogger Emily Austin on Turning a Hobby into a Full-Time Job

Good one!


Since 2011, Emily Austin has built a loyal readership at The Waiting, her blog on parenting and motherhood. Emily’s personality and humor have helped her carve out her own corner of the web among thousands of family blogs. Through blogging, she has built a community of readers and colleagues, and eventually landed a position as a paid blogger and social media manager — transforming a hobby into a full-time career. I chatted with Emily about the evolution of The Waiting and her growth as a blogger.

What were your goals when you launched your blog?

Emily Austin Blogger Emily Austin.

Am I allowed to say that I didn’t have a goal other than to post once a week? I wish I had some inspirational story about how I had planned to write my magnum opus and find a cure for cancer by blogging, but I don’t. I just wanted to write. I don’t have…

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Top 10: My Amazon Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Little Viral Hog's suggestions for inexpensive gifts that are present worthy. Digi Piggy - Digital Coin Counting Bank   Dodge Tag   Nail color set --worth every penny!   My Password Journal Goes great with Marabou Feather Pens Hanging 3-Toed Sloth Plastic Dragonfly Assorted Colors        

Let Him Be A Dad

I was married for "X" amount of years and was blessed by two gorgeous children from my marriage.  The first year went well and around that time I was pregnant with my first child.  The second year was a different story, infidelity occurred (him --not me) and things went topsy-turvy.  Did you know statistically it... Continue Reading →

Cat Calling. Not Meow.

Has cat calling phased out?  Personally, I kinda miss it.  I might be missing something, aged poorly, or lost my touch.  I miss this decent recognition.  Who doesn't appreciate a nice compliment?  I'll even take a compliment that my butt looks nice in my favorite pair of jeans.  Apparently, this day and age many women don't agree... Continue Reading →

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